Live Oak Gallery Apalachicola, Florida exterior

Live Oak Gallery

Nature, Wildlife and Sporting Art

Live Oak Gallery presents fine art inspired by nature in a simple rustic setting under the shade of an old oak tree.  Overlooking the historic riverside town of Apalachicola, the gallery is open year-round and hosts occasional guest artist shows and special events.

With a focus on wildlife and sporting art, we are pleased to share the work of artists who have a gift for finding and expressing those singular moments that capture the powerful connection between human beings and the natural world. Viewers are invited to take time, look closely, and discover that moment of recognition for themselves.

Wednesdays through Saturdays 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
and by appointment

Sporting art allows us a rare glimpse of nature through the eyes of the hunter and the angler who is keenly attuned to the habits of wildlife creatures and their particular surroundings.

Painting of a turkey in the woods
Brenda Francis - "Turkey Walk"
Deadwood Studios - "Strawberry Grouper"
Deadwood Studios - "Strawberry Grouper"
Painting of the Apalachicola River
Christine Black - "Yent's Bayou"
Frank Benson 'Pair of Pintails'
Frank Benson - "Pair of Pintails" 1927