exterior view of live oak gallery

Barbara Noonan

Pastel Paintings

Barbara Noonan brings to the gallery influences from the Pacific Northwest where she lives on an island north of Seattle. Every winter she returns to St. George Island walking the beach for miles daily in every kind of weather: birdwatching, exploring the shifting colors and angles of light, watching the fog roll in.

Natural wild shorelines are a touchstone for Barbara; she has led natural history and birdwatching trips in Alaska on the remote Pribilof Islands and in the Arctic. She's also worked aboard small expedition trips in Tahiti and the Caribbean.

Although she has worked in oils, watercolor and gouache, Barbara prefers soft pastel for the immediacy of the pigment and its saturation potential. In her pastel paintings, she seeks to push the boundaries between abstract and interpretive landscape painting.

Barbara is represented in several galleries in and around the Seattle area, as well as in a number of public and private collections on the west coast. While residing on the Forgotten Coast, she enjoys painting with local art groups. She juries art exhibitions and is sought out for her private classes and workshops.