exterior view of live oak gallery

Daryl Freed

Cedar Driftwood Carvings

Daryl Freed is an outdoorsman and artist who crafts his amazing three-dimensional wall pieces out of cedar driftwood collected from periodically flooded cedar groves near his home in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. His carved ducks spring to life out of the driftwood and appear to be flying right out of the wall, while the imaginative titles tell the unique story of each piece.

Together with his wife and fellow artist, Michele, he strives to make art "that will be an inspiration to appreciate the beauty of nature that is so readily available if it is sought out."  From the masterful  "A Perfect 10" encompassing ten ducks in flight, to the fine detail of a single duck in "True North," we think you'll find they've accomplished that and more.  For Daryl, every work presents a new adventure.

See a sampling of his work below, ranging in price from $350 - $650; contact the gallery for what's currently on view.

Dawn's Splendor

Daryl Freed Dawn's Splendor cedar-driftwood $5700.
"Dawn's Splendor" cedar-driftwood $5700