exterior view of live oak gallery

Gabriella Fiabane

Oil Paintings

Gabriella is a natural artist; coming from a family of artists, where drawing and painting were woven into the foundations of her childhood.  She has been painting professionally for over twenty years, and divides her time between her studios in Key West, FL and Nantucket, MA. Primarily a self-taught painter, she has studied with highly-regarded Florida Keys artists Roberta Marks, Katherine Miller, and AD Tinkham.  Her instinctive approach to art has garnered her numerous prestigious awards and fellowships over the years.

While known mostly for her moody landscapes and seascapes, she is also recognized for her stark clapboard houses and other architectural structures.  Her innate curiosity has led her to paint a wide variety of subjects in the figurative and still life genres as well, putting her elegant and mysterious touch on flowers, shells, and more recently, imaginative portrayals of dogs and other animals.

Her paintings appear in private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and South America.  She is represented by galleries in Key West, Nantucket, and now we're happy to say, Apalachicola.