exterior view of live oak gallery

Ken Misner

Oil Paintings

Ken Misner is a contemporary painter who chooses to abandon his precise drafting skills in favor of something more interpretive and difficult to define.  A master's degree from Virginia Tech's College of Architecture, Arts and Design, provides the underpinning that allows him to go off and explore the unknown with striking results.  The subconscious is at work here, in both profound and gently humorous ways.

Ken works in oil - on canvas or board - and he frames the paintings himself, ensuring that each painting and frame together form a complete and satisfying work of Art.  With subtle control, he harnesses the expressive possibilities of color and form to create deceptively simple, primitive paintings that tell a story both personal and universal, as ancient as myth and as recent as yesterday.  His subjects are derived from dreams, memories and the imagination.  Ken has said: "I aim to make objects that are new in the world, full of meaning, unfathomable, strange.  Tales told in the language of painting."

To visit his home studio - a treetop garden hideaway in a remarkably hidden Tallahassee neighborhood - is to become immersed in a labyrinth of thoughtfully arranged paintings and objects. You realize his paintings are as much about the context as they are meaningful in themselves, and they enhance or inform whatever is around them in endlessly interesting ways.

In the past several years he has exhibited in occasional juried shows, but for the most part, Ken has not shown his work outside family and friends, and his own robust instagram account @kenmisner, which we highly recommend.  We are very pleased to be among the first galleries to show his work.