exterior view of live oak gallery

Plein Air Artists

Painting en plein air means literally to paint "outdoors."  The term originated with a group of 19th century artists who abandoned the studio to paint directly from nature; the practice becoming a central feature of French Impressionism.  Today's plein air artists work in a variety of styles and mediums.  Many travel the world participating in plein air painting events that are widely recognized and followed by collectors.  Whether in a faraway place or in their own backyard, the primary objective is to capture the moment as it unfolds with as little as possible coming between the artist and their subject.

We are pleased to show the work of five accomplished, award-winning plein air artists who have mastered this ability to be "in the moment" with their remarkable paintings. They have all passed through the Apalachicola area in their painting travels, and of the many plein air painters working today, they are among our favorites.  Take a look, and you'll see why.